Accompanied shopping
You may have forgotten how to choose real food, resorting to buying bagged salads and cook-chill dinners. Accompanied shopping can help you regain your confidence.

Cookery Tuition
This is cookery tuition with a difference in your own home with your own cooker and utensils. You can relax and learn how to cook nutritious foods without having to leave the house!

Tailored courses help you get your diet back on track, and learn how to make the right food choices in the long term.

If you feel sluggish and a bit under the weather, and want to regain your sparkle, a detox may help. A tailored programme, using seasonal foods, will be developed specifically for your needs.

Immune support
If you feel that you are always under par, and seem to succumb to every cough and cold around, you may need to improve your intake of immune supporting foods. Foodworks can design a programme specifically for your needs.

Specialist diets
Other specialist diets, to help you cope with conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis can be developed to reflect your own needs and lifestyle.
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Box of vegetables
Mackerel dish
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Caroline will be pleased to discuss your needs with you in
complete confidence. You can contact her on:

01325 465674

or email her:
Individual nutritional advice and support -
52-00 per appointment
Groups of up to 8 people 32.00 per hour
Cookery tuition -
24.00 per hour for up to 4 people
Other prices on request.
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